This year’s site token was chosen and designed by Lady Catríona inghean Ui Shíodhacháin. It is based on an 11th Century Viking Bronze Disc Brooch An excellent example of a late 11th century Viking brooch. The face of the piece is elaborately detailed when studied closely, it has a central triangular panel formed of three curled tendrils that meet at each end and terminate with a pellet. At each point the tendrils touch one another there is a double band bonding and knotting them together. The reverse has vestiges of the original iron pin and hinge plate. Size: 29.60 mm.  Ex D Winchester Collection.

You can visit the original auction site here:

The process:

The photo of the front was first used to trace the piece’s outlines using an Adobe program (by Sage of Stonemarche, my daughter). It was then sized it to the item’s original measurement of 29mm. 

To transfer the image, I used pin pricking through the paper to transfer the image into jewelers carving wax. The image was then carved to make a copy of the original.

We made two sand cast molds from wax and from those molds, into pewter masters.  Using the new masters, we poured 2 sides silicone rubber molds using Mold Max 60.

We have created enough molds to send them to 5 additional locations in NH to help create more than 1500 site tokens. Special thanks to Solveig and Wolfgang for teaching me the process.

Token Casters:
Lady Catríona inghean Ui Shíodhacháin
Lady Solveig Bjarnardottir & Lord Wolfgang Holtzhauer
Ishikawa Yuki’o
Lord Damian MacWard
Lady Astridr Saegeirsdottir & Lord Alric the Younger
Lady Fionnghualla inghen Mhic Cealleigh
Eleni of Stonemarche
Lady Tessa Martini d’Agostino & Master Richard le Hauke
Reece of Stonemarche & Spraki Jóarsson

The runes on the back of the token are from the elder futhark. The ones for X and I are pretty ideal to describe Birka: The gift exchange market of winter/ice
X…GEBO represents a Gift. It symbolizes Balance, Exchange of energy and resources, Partnership, Generosity, Relationships.
I…ISA represents Ice. It symbolizes Clarity, Stasis, Challenges, Introspection, Watching & Waiting.

The others that make up the “BIRKA” are as follows:

BERKANA represents a Birch Tree. It symbolizes Femininity, Fertility, Healing, Regeneration, Birth., Fertility, Healing, Regeneration, Birth
ISA represents Ice. It symbolizes Clarity, Stasis, Challenges, Introspection, Watching & Waiting.
RAIDHO represents a Wagon. It symbolizes Travel, Rhythm, Spontaneity, Evolution, Decisions.
KENNAZ represents a Torch. It symbolizes Vision, Creativity, Inspiration, Improvement, Vitality.FEHU represents Livestock. It symbolizes Wealth, Abundance, Success, Security, Fertility.