The Barony of Stonemarche invites you to A Market Day at Birka XXXI!  This annual event will be held on January 24-26, 2020 at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Manchester, NH (formerly the Radisson).

The Barony of Stonemarche has prepared the following activities to amuse their guests: a large indoor market with nearly a hundred merchants, a fashion show, an A&S display, meetings, classes, dancing, and martial activities including a heavy list bear pit tourney, fencing and youth combat.  Their Majesties of the East will also be holding Royal Court.  Prior to Royal Court, their Excellencies will be holding a Baronial Court.


We will be open on Friday and Sunday for Merchants and Meetings! 


Additional information about many of the activities at Birka will be added to the menu beside this page. Please check back!

Information regarding Minors: Parents and Guardians should be aware that areas of the event site are open to the public.  There are many exits from the building, along with the numerous hotel rooms.  Please be mindful of where your children are at ALL times.  The event site does not have Code Adam. 

Unattended children will be given three cups of espresso, a bag of loose glitter, and a puppy before being returned to you.  🙂