The Barony of Stonemarche invites you to A Market Day at Birka XXXII!

This annual event will be held on January 27-29, 2023 at the Doubletree Hotel in Manchester, NH.

While it has been several years since this event was held, you will find that the populace of Stonemarche doesn’t intend to change much of anything. As always, we have arranged the following activities to amuse our guests: a large indoor market with nearly a hundred merchants, a Ball *and* a Hafla, an A&S display, meetings, and martial activities including a heavy list bear pit tournament, fencing and youth combat.

Please join us as we ignore the cold, snow and ice outdoors, and have a fantastic time with our friends!

Mask Variance:

The current level for Hillsborough County in NH is *Medium*.

The event will be held under the EK Mask Variance, with masks being required CDC Community Level is High. (See more at…/)

We did ask for several exceptions to this Variance, but only one was granted: we will be using the CDC Community Level reported on 1/19/23, 8 days before the event instead of 1 day ahead.