Celebrating 33 Years!

In the fall of the year Anno Societas XXIV (also known as 1989), a group of people in the Barony of Stonemarche decided to hold an event in January, make it all about shopping and give it a Viking theme.  Now it has been said that wiser individuals questioned whether it was a good idea to try and hold an event in the North in the middle of Winter, but the populace of Stonemarche was undeterred.  With the blessing of then Baron Harold and Baroness Megan, the first A Market Day at Birka was held with great success.

A Market Day at Birka is one of the largest events in the SCA, averaging 1,500 – 2,000 attendees for the last several years.  The Event is spoken of throughout the Knowne World for the quality and quantity of its Merchants, being called “Little Pennsic” by many.  Gentles come great distances to participate in the Heavy List and Fencing Tournaments, take a class, or attend one of the legendary Courts, which generally run for hours.  

As with any event, each year an Autocrat has been named to manage all the details that go into this massive undertaking (see list below).  Each of the Past Autocrats has put their heart and soul into this Event, leaving their own mark, sometimes several times over.  They have tried new things, implemented their own ideas or resurrected old ones, instituting change to make the Event as grand as it can be, while still holding onto the ideals and bedrock of the people of Stonemarche and our Granite State.  The people of Stonemarche wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to the Autocrats who have come before and those who will come in the future.  

Finally, we thank you for attending Birka, for helping us make this great Event happen year after year.  We are honored that you have chosen to spend time in our fair Barony, and we invite you to join in our celebration!

History of Birka Autocrats

We would like to recognize the past Autocrats of this fair event:

I1/6/90Baron Olaf of TrollheimsfjordSt. Stanislaus Hall, Nashua
II1/19/91Baron Olaf of TrollheimsfjordSt. Stanislaus Hall, Nashua
III1/25/92Mistress Deirdre dePlanchet & Lord Tamooj of AldeaSt. Stanislaus Hall, Nashua
IV1/23/93Mistress Aine CallaghanSt. Stanislaus Hall, Nashua
V1/15/94Lady Anna Dmitriova BelokonSalem High School, Salem
VI1/21/95Master Ian GunnPortsmouth High School, Portsmouth
VII2/10/96Maestro Dorio of the OaksMUB, UNH, Durham
VIII2/1/97Maestro Dorio of the OaksMUB, UNH, Durham
IX2/21/98Lady Ghazalah al-BadriyyahConcord High School, Concord
X1/23/99Mistress A’isha bint Jamil & Lady Ghazalah al-BadriyyahRockingham Park, Salem
XI2/5/00Mistress A’isha bint JamilRockingham Park, Salem
XII2/3/01Lord Nyvan FiachRockingham Park, Salem
XIII2/2/02Lord Nyvan FiachRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XIV2/1/03Lord Nyvan FiachRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XV2004Master Ian GunnRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XVI2005Master Ian GunnRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XVII1/27 – 1/28/06Master Ian GunnRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XVIII1/26 – 1/27/07Baroness Sibilla d’AngersRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XIX2008Lady Batujin NasonRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XX1/30 – 1/31/09Lady Batujin NasonRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXI1/29 – 1/30/10Baron Bilgisayar al HisoonRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXII1/28 – 1/29/11TH Lord William RavenHairRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXIII1/27 – 1/28/12TH Lord William RavenHairRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXIV1/25 – 1/26/13Mistress Fia KaremanRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXV1/24 – 1/25/14Mistress Fia KaremanRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXVI1/23 – 1/24/15TH Lord William RavenHairRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXVII1/29 – 1/30/16Pan Kythe SzubielkaRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXVIII1/27 – 1/28/17Mistress Fia KaremanRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXIX1/26 / 1/27/18TH Lady Alexandra of SilverwoodRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXX1/25 – 1/27/19TH Lady Tomyris of StonemarcheRadisson Hotel, Manchester
XXXI1/24 – 1/26/20Mistress Fia KaremanDoubleTree Hotel, Manchester
XXXII1/27 – 1/29/23Mistress Fia KaremanDoubleTree Hotel, Manchester
XXXIII 1/26 – 1/28/24TH Lady Fionnghualla inghen Mich Cealleigh & Lady Tessa Martini d’AgostinoDoubleTree Hotel, Manchester