1) The hotel’s HVAC systems have new, up to code, filters. We are planning on renting the same air filtration system we had last year. There will be at least one in each public room of the event. Larger spaces will have several. We have had a few requests to sponsor the air purifiers. So we are announcing a “Name the Air Purifier” contest.  We are looking for creative, unique and fun names for the air purifiers. You may enter as many names as you would like. You may also dedicate your name to family, friends, loved ones, etc. The top 18 will be chosen (by our fine panel of judges) and hung on the air purifiers throughout the event. No profanity please.  Click here to enter your submission.
Masks will also be available at several locations throughout the event. There will be both cloth masks and disposable masks. Please feel free to mask up!

2) We will be collecting Pewter. Have any unwanted site tokens or other pewter items? Consider donating it to be recast into future Birka site tokens.

3) Have a scroll case that you don’t know what to do with? We’ll be collecting them at Birka to be given to the Heralds who will then give them to new scroll recipients to be able to safely carry they beautiful scroll home.

4) The Sauna/Pool renovations should be completed this year. We will comment here once this is confirmed. 

5)  Birka will have Gold Key! What is Gold Key? A place you can borrow garb, at no cost to you, for the day. It will be located in Webster, which is next to Gate. In addition, there are changing rooms located in Hale and Spaulding.  

6) Royal Court on Saturday evening will be Microphone assisted. Where there is some concern regarding the removal of the medieval atmosphere, we’d like folks to be able to hear who is called into Court and what is said so that we can celebrate all. 

7) Food – The Hotel will be offering several food options during the event. There will be a buffet dinner available on Friday and Saturday nights. The Current Restaurant will offer breakfast (7am – 11am) on Saturday. The Daily Brew will be open for breakfast and lunch both Saturday and Sunday.  There will be sandwiches, drinks and snacks available on Saturday.  Additional information can be found here.

The hotel bar in the lobby will be open both evenings from 4pm – 11pm, and the bar outside the Ballroom will be open on Saturday from 5pm – 11pm.

8)  Parking Validation is now $7 for those day tripping and $14 overnight for those with a hotel reservation. Your ticket can be validated on site. 

9) General volunteers needed! Birka Cannot run without you. If you are looking for a way to pitch in, let us know! We can always use help for Marshals, MOL, Gate, and Security.  We also need help with set-up on Friday and take-down on Sunday. We will be adding a volunteer page with signup sheets shortly.

If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out to us at eventsteward@birka.eastkingdom.org