All participants must:

  • Wear their site token in an easily visible manner at all times.  Your Coronet is NOT a token.  Please be considerate of this rule and reasonable requests by staff.
  • Wear an attempt at pre-17th century clothing, which is generally referred to as “garb.”  If needed, loaner garb is available at Gold Key (Webster).  Garb is required on Saturday, and is encouraged on Friday and Sunday.
  • Act in a manner consistent with Chivalric ideals and courtesy.
  • Follow the instructions of the Event staff.

Participants may not:

  • Wear “Fantasy” outfits (Elven Ears, Fairy wings, Steampunk, etc.).

Failure to follow any of the Event rules, or the rules of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. may result in expulsion from the site without refund.

We hope that you have a wonderful time at the event.  If you wish to give us any feedback after the event, please contact the event steward at


Air Purifiers:

We will have 18 air purifiers scattered around the site. Please take a look to see what names have been chosen for each!


Any alcohol to be consumed in public areas (any area that is not a private hotel room) must be purchased from the hotel bar, restaurant, or other concession area per the hotel’s liquor license.If you purchase alcohol from one of the hotel concession areas, you must stay in that area to finish your drink. You may not wander around the event with an open container. If you wish to share your personal reserve, please invite people to your private hotel room.

Changing rooms:

There are changing areas  located near the Expo Center in Spaulding and Hale. These rooms are He/They and She/They. You may leave items in these rooms, but the Event makes no guarantees of their safety.  We recommend that you keep your valuables with you at all times.

If you are uncomfortable using these changing rooms, you may use the bathrooms or the changing rooms located in Gold Key, which are setup for a single person. Please do not leave any items in the bathrooms or in Gold Key.


 We ask that children under 5 are with a responsible adult at all times. Children between 5 and 10 should be within sight and hearing distance of a responsible adult. Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Continuous non-compliance can result in expulsion from the site without refund.

Minors may attend the event with an adult who is not their parent/legal guardian provided that the proper paperwork is provided. A notarized medical release and minor waiver must be signed by the parents/legal guardian and brought to site with the child.

  • The Hotel will have two concession stands set up from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm outside the Expo Center and Ballroom for lunch on Saturday. (see website for menu and prices)
  • The Current Restaurant will be open for breakfast and dinner. 
  • Penstock will be set up for a buffet dinner both nights. (see website for menu and prices)
  • The Daily Brew will be open from 8 am – 2 pm near the Expo Center.
  • The Lobby Bar will be open both nights from 5 – 11 pm
  • The Bar outside the Ballroom will be open for drinks on Saturday night from 5 – 11 pm.
  • There are many local restaurants in the surrounding area, some of which offer DoorDash and other delivery options. You will need to meet any food delivery in the hotel lobby.
Gate Times:
  • Friday 6-9pm 
  • Saturday 8am-4pm
  • Sunday 9am-2pm
Gold Key:

 Need loaner clothes for yourself or a friend who is new to the SCA? We will have Gold Key (loaner clothes) located in Webster.

Lost & Found:

Mundane items such as keys, wallets, and cell phones should be turned in to the front desk. Medieval items can be brought to Gold Key (Webster).


While masks are no longer required, Covid cases are on the rise. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, please do so, especially in the more crowded event areas. KN95 masks have been provided by the East Kingdom and there are also surplus cloth masks from other events available at Gate, Pre-Reg, Info Point, Merchants Hall, outside the Ballroom, and outside A&S on the Mezzanine.


We have over 80 merchants expected to join us this year. Merchants will be open on:

  • Friday 6pm-10pm
  • Saturday 9am-6pm
  • Sunday 9am-3pm. 

While we highly encourage merchants to be open Friday and Sunday, they may be setting up or tearing down. Please see the Merchant Page for a listing of the merchants and their website!

Parking Validation:

To receive the $7 day rate or $14 overnight parking rate for the event, you must have a validated parking ticket. If you do not, you are likely to be charged the normal parking rate. You can have your ticket validated by the Hotel staff at the Hotel registration counter, or at the self-serve kiosk located in the Expo Center to the Right of the main entrance. 


The hotel and event area are not pet friendly. Only service animals are allowed. Any misbehaving animal may be asked to leave the event.


We will have a drop off area for any pewter tokens you do not wish to keep. We will use them to cast new tokens for future Birkas. Pewter may be dropped off at Gold Key (Webster). A table will be set up just inside the entrance to the left of the door.

Public Spaces:

Please be aware that all corridors in the hotel are open to the public, and are not limited to Event attendees.  You should not leave personal items unattended in these areas.  You should also expect to see people who are not part of the event, and are therefore not in garb in these areas.

Any rooms rented by the event are also considered public spaces and fall under the hotel’s liquor license. Only hotel rooms are considered private spaces.

Royal Room:

 If you have a need to get a message to the Royal household or drop something off for Royal Court, the Royal Room is located in Coolidge on the Mezzanine.  This room is specifically for the Royalty, and is not part of the public event space. This room also falls under the hotel’s liquor license.

Scroll Cases:

Have a scroll case, or perhaps many, that you would like to return for others to use to bring home their new scroll? We will be collecting scroll cases this year. They may be dropped off at Gold Key (Webster). A table will be set up just inside the entrance to the left of the door.

Scroll Drop off for Baronial Court:

Please bring any scrolls for Stonemarche court to Herald’s Point located in Frost on the Mezzanine

Scroll Drop off for Kingdom Court:

Please bring any scrolls for EK court to the Royal Room located in Coolidge on the Mezzanine