Lady Tomyris of Stonemarche



Deputy Autocrats: 

Mistress Fia Kareman 

Lady Alexandra of Silverwood

Merchant Coordinator: 

Lady Tegwen ferch Cydifor ap Bleddyd

   Deputy Merchant Coordinator: Lady Kris Spinster

Gate / Exchequer: 

Lady Fionnghulla inghen Mhic Cealleigh

    Deputy Gate / Exchequer: Mistress Deirdre de Planchette

Royalty Liasion:

Princess Fortune

Publicity & Program:

Mistress Aisha Bint Jamil


Lady Kate the Wicked

Marshal Coordinator: 

Mistress Fia Kareman

Heavy List: Lord Eben Hardrada

Fencing: Lord Brian of Stonemarche

Youth: Lady Karrah the Mischevious

Mistress of the List: Lady Simona bat Leon

    Deputy MOL: Pomestnik (Lord) Andreiko Eferiev

A&S Coordinator:

Lady Astrid

Fashion Show:

Lady Syele von Heidelberg

Meetings & Class Coordinator:

Lady Alexandra of Silverwood

Middle Eastern Activities and Hafla:

Lady Erzulie

Lady Serene Brilliant

Youth and Family Activities:

Lord Corwin of Stonemarche

Gold Key:

Lady Aelfthryth the Cat


Edgithe Hlammandi

Newcomer / Info Point:

Lady Arjuli

Birka Ball:

Lord Ruadh Cruidh MacFrode

 ~~ Sir Robin’s Minstrals

Bardic Circle:

Lady Sólveig Bjarnardóttir