Greetings Merchants!

It’s been a difficult few months and it’s not quite done yet. As we mentioned on the main page, due to the Primary, we do not have a date. We currently have 3 possible dates, January 19-21, January 26-28, or February 2-4. We will have the exact date by the end of October. The application will open on 10/3/2023. While this application will not close, jurying will take place around October 29th, and those who apply after jurying takes place will be on the waitlist.

However, we can no longer wait for New Hampshire to decide on a date and need to open up the Merchant Application. There will be a question in the application which will allow you to indicate which dates you will be available to merchant at Birka. If you are un-sure go ahead and say yes to the date. You can always let us know after the jurying process if your schedule has changed and you are no longer able to attend. If that happens, we will open up the space to someone who is on the waitlist.

If you are a new merchant to our event, please make sure to share your online store or send photos so we can get a better idea of who you are as a merchant. This is very important to the jurying process.

Please note, the merchant email address is currently not active. We are working on getting a new address and will add it here once it is active. If you need assistance, please email

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Birka 2024 Merchant Application