Please refer to these FAQ questions as needed, and try to check the FAQ before contacting event staff.


Important Dates:

  • Applications Open: September 1st
  • Acceptance Letters: First wave goes out after October 15th.
  • Merchant confirmation: Within 1 week of Acceptance Letter, the merchant must reply to confirm their intent to be there.
  • Payment: December 1st, 2017 (Note: It must be received by that date. If it has been postmarked by that date and you expect it may not arrive on time, it is your responsibility to contact the Merchant Coordinator before December 1st.)
  • Last possible date to withdraw with a refund: January 20th, 2017. Refund will be issued after Birka.
  • Date of the event: January 26-28 (Merchant hours on 26-27 only.)

On Treatment of Staff and Event Space

All merchants and their staff are expected to comport themselves with the chivalry and graces that exemplify the Society. Failure to treat the Birka Staff, the hotel staff, or the space itself according to those virtues will result in immediate intervention and if necessary, removal from the event.

FAQ – Logistics of the Hotel:

  1. Where can I park? There is a parking garage attached to the Expo Center. We have negotiated a validated parking rate with the hotel. To use this, you will need to validate your parking at the front desk or at the validation stamp by the front door of the Expo. The height clearance on the garage is safe for all vehicles up to 7′. If your vehicle is taller, you must use the lot for oversized vehicles. If your vehicle is sized for the garage, you must use it.
  2. I’d prefer to use the large vehicle parking anyway. No. During 2017 Birka, there were a host of merchants with smaller vehicles who chose to use the large vehicle parking area. This included trucks with cabs, SUVs, and small cargo vans. This necessitated a large scale management by the staff as it nearly tripled the number of load-outs happening at that location. Any vehicles under 7′ are subject to being ticketed and removed, and will be removed if the hotel requires it. If the hotel does not notice and have them ticketed/towed, staff will require any small vehicles who ignore this rule to leave large vehicle parking and go to the garage to load out. Refusal to comply will result in alerting the hotel to the abuse of the large vehicle parking area and from there, a call to the authorities.
  3. How soon can we see the Expo Map? Our goal is to have the map available to the merchants as soon as possible. This map is subject to change up to the day of the event as cancellations occur. The greatest hurdle to the process of the map is knowing who intends to attend. Merchants who have received an acceptance letter should immediately reply to confirm their intention to be there. If the map is held up, a lack of response is likely the reason.
  4. What if I leave something in the Expo overnight and desperately need it? Contact the Merchant Coordinator via the information provided to you in your contact emails. The front desk staff of the hotel are legally prohibited from allowing you access without the Coordinator’s permission. This is to protect merchants and their wares.

FAQ – Hours, Scheduling, Spaces, and Finances:

  1. What hours are we open? The Expo Center will be open from 7-10 pm on Friday of the event and from 10 am to 7 pm on Saturday of the event. This year we are trying out Sunday hours from 10 am to 3 pm. The Armory is open for Saturday hours only. In the Expo Center, all merchants must remain open on Saturday until 7 pm, with no packdown, no boxes or materials taken out until that time. Merchants have the option to pack up Sunday morning after a good night of sleep, but must be out by 10 am Sunday if they do not intend to stay and sell.
  2. I have my own tables! Can I get a discount? Sadly, no. A space with or without a table in it costs the same thing. We provide the tables gratis with use of the space, whether or not you use them.
  3. Will I have to collect sales tax? There is no sales tax in the state of New Hampshire. Please refer to the laws of your home state on whether or not you will need to file for income while selling in a tax-free state.
  4. If I need to cancel, can I get a refund? Please contact the coordinator ASAP if you need to cancel. If you cancel 7 days in advance or more, you will receive a full refund of space and table fees after the event has passed. Please see the section on event contacts and make sure you have the Coordinator’s contact information available readily.
  5. I have a weird setup, can I move tables out into the aisle? We cannot allow any tables or displays into the aisle. The fire marshal requires an aisle size we are barely able to meet as it is.
  6. Can I sleep in my booth? No. The Expo center is not a hotel room but rather a large concrete room the size of a football field. No one will be allowed in after it is locked for the night.
  7. Can I sell out of my hotel room? No. We do not have permission from the hotel to sell from their rooms, and it is prohibited in the state of New Hampshire.
  8. I’d rather be in the Armory, can I move? Maybe. I’d be happy to try and accommodate you if I can, and if one of the armory merchants wishes to move to the Expo.
  9. I need to register more people after I already turned in my form! Can I pay at the door? Yes. You can register people at the door.
  10. Can I sell food items? As per our agreement with the site, we are prohibited from allowing any merchants to sell “immediate consumption” foods. If you need food at your booth, by all means, but any food items for sale must be packaged for travel (Saran wrapped and closed), pre-production (mixes or bags to bake later) and be approved by the event staff.
  11. I want other tables in the same island. Can I move? No. Merchants are placed by seniority, space consideration, safety, and to make sure that there aren’t a surfeit of the same kind of merchant facing each other or across the aisle from each other.
  12. Can I request a specific space? We will do everything we can to accommodate the requests of merchants. We honor those with uninterrupted history with our event (seniority) first, and then allocate on a first-come-first-served basis where we can fit the proper numbers of tables together.
  13. Are there any restrictions on displays? No merchant may have displays which extend in any direction outside of their ascribed space. Additionally, if you have tall standing displays, we will require you to move them 2 feet back if you are blocking sight of merchants on either side of you. Absolutely no roof or tops on displays as per the hotel, because of the requirements of the fire suppression system.
  14. Can I demonstrate incense, candles, perfumes, and similar items? Fire regulations do not permit the use or demonstration of any incense, candles, or other combustible products within the building. In addition, we request that you exercise courtesy when offering customers a sniff of something or playing music at your booth. If you are asked to put away scented items or turn off music, please do so without begrudging or drama. We are all in each other’s close space at this event, and need to get along.