This page is updated as of January 13, and will likely not change before the event.  However, the final Schedule will be posted at the Room in case changes are made.


The Family Area, on the Mezzanine at the far end by Hawthorne, is open from 9:00am – 5:00pm.  Parents and children of all ages are welcome to find a space that is a little quieter for them.


9am – 10am Quest
by Lady Agnes Marie de Calais – Children of any age will meet with me for about 10 minutes and be given a quest of things to find or do and must come back to me by the end of the hour to receive a token.
9:15am – 9:45am Pinch Pots for Tots
by Lady Agnes Marie de Calais – Children 5-7 will come with a adult or teen buddy and make a simple bowl to take home using basic pottery techniques. Ten children, supervision of parent or minder needed.
10am – 11am Siege the Day
by Lady Agnes Marie de Calais – We will make simple catapults with popsicle sticks and duct tape and launch marshmallows. No parent needed if over age 10.
11am – 12pm Simple Scroll
by Lady Agnes Marie de Calais – What is a scroll ages 6 and up. Children will have access to markers and pens and one piece of scroll paper and will get a chance to make their own scroll about anything they choose.
12pm – 1pm Lunch Break
We will be breaking for lunch and opening the space for another groups meeting.
1pm – 2pm Fairies and Castles
by Lady Toi Fiore – A story will be told about Fairies and Castles. Following the story children will have a chance to build their own fairy friend as well as an edible snack castle.
2pm – 3pm Medieval Games
by Lord Corwin Blackthorn – We will be teaching a number of different games to youth of all ages. Fox and Geese, Chess, etc. As well as having many wooden puzzles and brain teasers.
3pm – 4pm Youth Introduction to Court
by Baron Eginhard d’Aix la Chapelle – Are you are 10 years old or older and interested in serving as a guard during court? Come to this class to learn how court works and what to expect. Those interested should sign in and will have the opportunity, if their parents agree, to escort Lord and Lady to court.
4pm – 5pm Teen Meet and Greet
by Lord Corwin Blackthorn – The space will be open for youths of the know world to congregate and get to meet other teens from across the known world.