This page is updated as of January 13, and will likely not change before the event.  However, the final Schedule will be posted at the Room in case changes are made.


Start Time Dartmouth Frost
 Meetings   Meetings
9:00 am Guild of St Barbara Meeting Knitters Guild
10:00 am East Kingdom Herbalist and Apothecary Guild Narrow Workers Guild
11:00 am Gilded Pearl Arachne’s Web
12:00 pm Combat Archers Athena’s Thimble
1:00 pm Thrown Weapons Athena’s Thimble
2:00 pm Equestrian Meeting Ladies of the Rose
3:00 pm Fencing based class                 (Donovan and Anastasia) Unbelted – Heavy List
4:00 pm Opera dell Est Unified Marshals Meeting